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Here’s where you can have your say. We’d love to know what you think, and we appreciate any feedback you’d be willing to share with us and other visitors to this website.

It’s good to make contact and share, particularly when the world is in the grip of this pandemic and our musical lives are in limbo.

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Not being particularly computer savvy, and coming from the generation that grew up without computers and the internet, I was totally out of my comfort zone when it came to setting up this new website.

The old website had to close, being old and out of date the hosts could no longer support it. They did all they could to help me, and I was most grateful for that, but it was a colossal learning curve for me and I spent sleepless nights wrestling with the software, and spent whole days glued to my computer screen.

Then I spent countless hours trying to set up PayPal. I shall be having nightmares for years to come – but I got it done, even though I aged by about a decade in one week.

But here we are, and in every respect it is far better than our old website. Particularly for anyone wanting to purchase our ensemble sheet music; they can easily find what they’re after, either by going to the “Categories” page, or by clicking on the links on the “Sheet music shop” page, you can also listen to the repertoire. It couldn’t be simpler.

So I sincerely hope you find the website interesting, informative, useful, and entertaining.

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